How We Work

Our core service is to increase your bookings and revenue, using the right mix of digital marketing tools – here’s how it works.

First, we take the time to get to know you, your business, your market and your competitors. This will involve us asking you LOTS of questions – the better we understand your business, the better and quicker we can grow it.

This also means taking a deep look at your available data – sales, demographic, Google Analytics, Facebook and more.

Once this is done, we establish a clear strategy and a set of tactics. Generally this results in using using a mix of:

SEO: To get you ranking in Google for the right keywords.
Google Ads: To get your ad at the top of high converting keywords.
Facebook Ads: To find and market to your target audience when they are not searching
Email: To create an ongoing conversation with a prospect who may buy from you in the future.
Website Creation: To build a website that converts visitors into customers, in greater numbers.

Once we get started, we’ll often see an immediate increase in online bookings, but the real rewards come in the long term, where we usually see sustained growth.

How We Work

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